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About me

I am Tim Luckett.  I’ve been living in Summit County since 2001.  I’ve had my share of jobs around the county from ski lift operator to hotel maintenance, but found my niche in plumbing and heating. I worked for a company in Breckenridge for the past eight years where I apprenticed and learned from one of the best plumbers in the county, Manny Velasco.  I’ve seen companies change, experienced life working for the “big guy,” and have decided to do it on my own.  Over the last ten years I’ve learned the needs of Summit County.  I’ve gotten to know and love my clients.  By opening Allstar Mechanical Service, I now have the flexibility and freedom to provide the best service in Summit County.  At home, I have a beautiful family with two young children, and can’t forget about my side-kick and co-pilot (Beasly the dog) who happily comes to work with me almost everyday.